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Neo : The Dream
Kid Haider
13/11/2022 12:32:26
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Genre: Thriller/Aksi
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Dr. Adam Raufal arrived at the National Science, Technology, and Art Center (PRASASTI) in Lembayung, Pasadianka, in his sleek black Copra car. He smoothly parked in his designated spot and stepped out, taking a moment to admire the grandeur of the PRASASTI building before him.

PRASASTI holds great significance for Pasadianka, serving as a prominent landmark. The building itself boasts a unique design, resembling a cylinder covered by a captivating geodesic dome.

Established in 1973, this centre offered a diverse range of exhibits aimed at captivating visitors and fostering their interest in science, technology, and art.

After a brief pause, Dr Adam made his way towards the main entrance. As he entered, he was warmly greeted by Sudin, the security officer stationed at the information counter.

"Working late tonight, doctor?" Sudin inquired with a friendly tone.

"Yes, Sudin. I still have a lot of work to attend to," Dr Adam replied, flashing a warm smile.

"Alright. Take good care of yourself," Sudin told Doctor Adam.

Doctor Adam proceeded towards the elevator. Upon reaching the third floor, he strolled towards his office. He switched on the lights and powered up his computer.

It was already 10:45 pm, and he knew he was running late. But that's exactly how he wanted it. While some may find his life uninteresting and dull, he couldn't care less. He was content and passionate about what he did. The real reward he anticipated was the outcome of his relentless efforts all this while.

At the age of fifty-two, he had no other commitments except work and his daughter, Marina, who was currently active in the business world. His wife, Shima, had passed away five years ago due to a road accident. Since then, he rarely spent time in his house located in Brechala. Understandably, Marina, being a grown-up, no longer lived with him. She recently moved into a new house with her friend.

He gazed at the exquisite family photo resting on the table, transporting him back to a time that could never be revisited. The recollection of past memories proved to be an arduous task, particularly when it came to memories of Shima. Despite the considerable time that had elapsed and the wisdom gained from the passage of time, he couldn't help but feel remorseful for what had transpired. The blame he placed upon himself seemed never-ending.

The road accident that happened five years ago is still vivid in his mind. He and his partner had just returned from a fantastic vacation on Seranas Island. They were filled with joy and excitement, causing him to speed down the quiet and slippery road, drenched in relentless rain. Despite Shima's repeated advice to take a break and combat his drowsiness, he brushed it off. In that moment, all he could hear was a voice whispering, "I can do it!" He repeated those words to himself, hoping to boost his determination. However, mere words of passion couldn't defy the laws of nature. The road wasn't particularly busy, but he felt a bit reckless. He forgot that bad luck doesn't give off a warning scent. As he approached the highway, his car suddenly spun out of control and crashed into a road barrier. Everything went black for a moment. He couldn't recall what happened next. The following day, he woke up in the hospital, only to be informed by the attending doctor about his wife's death.

Realizing that he had been lost in his daydreams well into the night, Doctor Adam snapped back to reality and quickly shifted his focus to the computer. With a swift movement of his hand, he moved the mouse and clicked on the MENGKULA icon. The file opened up, and he eagerly delved into its contents. Tonight, he had plans to make some edits to the information contained within.

This information was all about the prestigious Mengkula Award. As a leader in the administrative department, it was his responsibility to ensure that he provided comprehensive details about the award. After all, PRASASTI was organizing an exhibition solely dedicated to the Mengkula Award. This award recognized individuals or organizations that had made remarkable contributions to the Utopia community, particularly in the realms of science, technology, and art.

Doctor Adam Raufal felt a surge of joy when PRASASTI entrusted him with the role of managing the exhibition. He took this responsibility seriously and always put in his utmost effort to entice people to attend the event.

Beep! Beep! The sound of his cell phone interrupted his concentration. He glanced at the number on the screen and immediately recognized who was calling. He didn't want to answer because he knew what the caller wanted. With a heavy sigh, he pressed the red button to end the call. Worry filled his mind as he thought about what the caller had said the day before.

Doctor Adam rubbed his temples, feeling the throbbing headache that had been bothering him lately. He took a deep breath and reflected on his actions. He had made a major mistake and now realized the gravity of it. However, in this situation, he felt trapped with no other options. He needed something to help him set things right again. One possibility was to use his big mistake to save others. He was determined not to make another error this time. It was time to put an end to the reckless work he had been doing. After all, curiosity can sometimes have dire consequences, and he was already starting to feel the effects

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