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Neo : The Dream
Kid Haider
13/11/2022 12:32:26
Kategori: Novel
Genre: Thriller/Aksi
Bab 8


Adam Raufal had just entered the grounds of the National Science, Technology, and Art Centre (PRASASTI) located in Lembayung, Pasadianka in his black Copra car. Then, he parked it in the parking area that had been reserved for him. Slowly he came out. He stood looking at the magnificent PRASASTI building in front of him.

     PRASASTI was an important landmark for Pasadianka. It had a unique design. The shape of the building resembled a cylinder and was covered with a geodesic dome.

     Opened in 1973, the centre provided a wide variety of exhibits designed to attract visitors. In addition, it was also built to instill interest in science, technology, and art among the public.

     After standing there for a while, Adam started walking towards the main entrance. As soon as he stepped inside, Sudin, the security officer sitting at the information counter greeted him.

     "Working late tonight doctor?"

     "Yes, Sudin. I have a lot of work to do," replied Adam with a friendly smile.

     "All right. Take care of yourself," said Sudin.

     Adam left Sudin. He walked towards the elevator. As soon as the elevator doors opened, he entered the elevator and pressed the number three button where the administrative office, where he worked, was located.

     As soon as he reached the third floor, he walked slowly toward the office. He turned on the lights and his computer. At that time, the clock was already showing 10.45 PM.

     Adam immediately turned his attention to the computer. Then, he moved the mouse and clicked the icon called 'MENGKULA'. He opened the file and read all the information in it. That night, he planned to edit some information related to the Mengkula Award. As a leader in the administrative department, he was responsible for providing complete information about the Mengkula Award because PRASASTI would hold an exhibition regarding the Mengkula Award. The Mengkula Award was an award given to individuals or organizations that had done research and inventions and made a great contribution to the Utopia community in general, especially in the fields of science, technology, and art. Adam Raufal was so pleased when PRASASTI gave him the responsibility of being the manager of the exhibition. As such, he always worked hard to attract people to come to the exhibition.

     Truttt! Trutt! The sound of his cell phone made his concentration slightly disturbed. He looked at the number on the screen. From the number, he knew who was calling him. He did not want to answer the call because he knew what the caller wanted. Then, he pressed the red button to turn off the line. He sighed heavily. His heart ached. He was a bit worried about what the caller said yesterday.

     Adam massaged his head. He took a deep breath. He had been having headaches lately. For a moment, he thought about what he had done. He had made a big mistake. He realized that what he did was wrong. However, in this situation, he had no other choice. He needed something that could help him get things back on track. One way was to use his 'big mistake' to save others. He did not want to make another mistake this time. He had enough. Curiosity could kill! And he has already started to feel the effects.

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