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Neo : The Dream
Kid Haider
13/11/2022 12:32:26
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Genre: Thriller/Aksi
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Pasadianka: To Irna, please come back. We are all deeply concerned about you," pleaded Jamilah Isma, a 50-year-old mother, to her daughter Irna Sari Rafael, who vanished three months ago.

Jamilah revealed that her daughter had last returned home in February before leaving their residence on Kulu Island in search of employment in Siliwel.

A few days after arriving in Siliwel, Irna contacted her mother to share the news of securing a job at a local factory. Unfortunately, that was the last time Jamilah heard her daughter's voice. Despite numerous attempts to reach Irna on her cellphone, all calls went unanswered.

Distraught and anxious, Jamilah implored her daughter to return home immediately, emphasizing their family's deep concern for her well-being. This plea was made during their recent meeting.

Irna Sari initially ventured to Siliwel in November of the previous year with a friend, both in search of employment opportunities. After a few days, she managed to secure a job at a restaurant in Lembayung, Pasadianka. She returned to the village for a brief week-long visit in January.

Jamilah also reached out to Intan's close friends in Siliwel and Pasadianka, but none of them had any knowledge of her daughter's whereabouts. Consequently, two reports regarding Irna's disappearance were filed at the Section 11 Police Station in Siliwel on May 29.

Jamilah earnestly appeals to anyone with information about Irna's location to contact the nearest police station or reach out to her directly at 032-7241252.

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