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8/7/2021 20:45:47
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The one where everything feels right

SEHER never knew 20 minutes of waiting could feel like forever but they were not complaining at all.

Every few minutes he would reassure that his friend was coming. But at this point, she didn't even care. She enjoyed the evening with a good company in silence, gazing through the sky pitched dark while both leaning on his side jeep, waiting for her phone to restart with a plugged in charger.

Where were all the stars when we needed them the most, she thought.

"I used to find north star easily at night," he started. "But not tonight."

He looked down at her, eyes-locking, "Maybe I don't need it anymore."

Tell me I was not the only one that felt a shot right through my heart, she thought.
That had to mean more than just a statement.

"Are you into stars?" she asked.

"Not at all. But I know there's a north star. Only that. Are you?"

Seher shrugged, "I know some. But maybe I'll teach you some other time."

Her subconscious mind gave her a face palm.
Was that a plain invitation for a date?
It wasn't!
Keep embarrassing yourself please. You're doing great.
Shut up!

"I'd love to," his reply with that deep low voice almost like a whisper. It was a brief confirmation that this - whatever this was - might lead to something else, some other time.

He was slowly moving towards her, probably just to see her better or hear her louder, she thought. Instead, he was leaning to her left ear to drop an almost just a hot breath, "I already have your number." and sent chills through her spine.

She didn't pull back instantly. In fact, she was enjoying every moment because it felt right.
This. Him. A stranger that made her felt she was finally home.

They were staring at each other's eyes for the countless time tonight and she wished it would last.

"Are you cold?"

"Just a little," she answered. Totally forgotten her jacket in the trunk she was gonna fetch before.

He excused himself, walking away a little when Seher wished he wouldn't. Only to take a thin blanket from the backseat. He got back by her side, covering her body with it, unintentionally giving her a brief backhug she wouldn't resist.

His scent being this close - it was a mixture of calming vanilla and somehow worked with her own favourite fragrance of lemon. And she could have it forever.

"Help should be anytime soon," he would say once again.

YAMAN had to remind himself to behave.

Despite there were a lot of scenarios running in his head of what to do with her - he was longing to entertwine his fingers in hers, caressed her face, pushed the hair behind her ears so he could always see her better, brushing his thumb over her pale lips that were effortlessly gluing him to keep staring at them - so he needed a reminder that help was coming.

Not because he wanted to ruin the moment but only to restrain himself from scaring her away, eventhough he doubted she would be. He could tell she was feeling the same intense.

It was overwhelmingly right. Despite not knowing who she was, what was her name, why was she here, where was she going, his only wish was for her to stay as she was deserving.

"And here's the help!" she broke between them when there was a motorbike approaching.

She returned the blanket and thanked him for it. Everytime she said 'Thank you' he knew he couldn't let her go.
Not because she wanted her to thank him all the time, but that voice muttering the words sincerely reminded him of being warmth and home. And he wanted that forever.

Two of his staffs came with one of them carrying a small bottle of spare fuel they had in the farm for tractor use.
Yaman looked so dominant giving instructions but not ending his sentences without a warm appreciation for their help despite outside of hours. But at his side glance, he was still observing her beauty just standing there in silence, minding her own thoughts which he wish she would care to share. In the next minute Yaman was enjoying the way she pooled her hair in a pony tail and tied it up with a hairband that was always there on her wrist. It was not perfect but that made her looked irresistible with few of the strands fell down her face, calling for his intervention.

So he did. He walked over closer, put off his mind to not overthink, after all he was just helping tying her hair better.

Oh was he all wrong. That small touch of caressing her left cheek just sent him straight to heaven.


WHAT was he doing? Seher wondered.

She was never a fan of intimate gestures but this one she could not resist. His palm was on her cheek long enough for her to snap and push away but she didn't want to.
This felt right. And she would give more than just being this close.

Her chest went up and down to keep up with the pace, the heat, the gulping down of nerves.
But he pulled away after pushing few of her strands on the cheek back to her ear.

Causing her to clear her throat with a forced cough.

One of his staff asked for Seher to start her car as it should be able to restart if fuel was the problem.

To her disbelief, just when she was about to push the start button, the dashboard started blinking another sign of 'error' and a warning message needed an expert attention.

"I thought it was just fuel," she talked to herself. She was so sure it was another light that was blinking before.

She didn't notice he had already stood just close beside her, bending a little too forward to look at the warning.

She loved being this close but this was overwhelmingly dangerous and hard to swallow. So she snapped back to ground before he turned his face to her, just an inch away of closeness.

"I don't think you're going anywhere now," he smirked.


YAMAN never knew he had this flirtatious side in him. He always thought of himself as an okayed man whom could be having fun sometimes only with children but to throw in few of cheesy pick up lines was never in his sleeves.

But she made him do this. At this point, he would do anything to not lose her.

And yet he was wrong. When a call came in, he finally pulled back to give her some space.

"What do you mean a fire?" he asked to the other side of the line.
A news like that needed a second, third confirmation as he was afraid he had heard it wrong.

He heard it right. There was a fire in an estate. Not his, but one of the villager's.
Of course he would care because he was Yaman Kirimli. The welfare of the villagers was his responsibility. He had to go and inspect the damage first hand.

"Is everything alright?"

That voice reminded him of something more than just someone else's happiness he needed to take care of.

He didn't want to leave but he knew he had to.
"I... uh... I have to go."

"Oh. Oh, okay."

Did she look disappointed, he couldn't tell.

"Come with me," he offered. He knew he was willing to beg if he had to. He just didn't want this night to end just yet it had barely started.

"I need to settle some work. Come with me and we can spend time afterwards. I mean-" he flinched, realising there was no way back.

"I mean we can deal with your car afterwards. I could get them to tow your car to the nearest workshop in the meantime."

She was contemplating. The way she bit her bottom lip showed some hesitation. He could enjoy a little too much on this too.

"Please. I insist," he begged. Holding out his right hand, palm upwards waiting for her tiny hand to fill in.

And she did, just few seconds after.


SHE was not an easy woman, if that was what this charming guy right here was thinking.

But you said okay, her subconscious mind reminded.
Only because of those puppy eyes no one can resist, she bit back.

And there was no turning back. She was already in his jeep, front seat, couldn't spare a chance to glance at him once every few seconds.

He was drowning in his own thoughts while stepping hard on the gas pedal to reach there faster.

"Are you okay?" she asked.

"Humh?" He turned to her.

"You don't look good. I don't want to be a burden."

"You're not. I'm just - I'm thinking of a solution."

"I'm all ears if you need another brain."

She thought he might be sceptical. Like what would a woman like her understand the kind of job he was doing, but no he didn't. He was openly sharing and talking about the villager's estate which had caught on fire. The fact that he was worried the old man might lose his lifetime income due to this - not because he might suffer some losses himself - had caught Seher's admiration.

"You said he's one of your supplier."


"Do you have a backup?"

"I'll worry about that later."

He was one of a kind.

They were hoping it was just a small fire but when they finally got there, firefighters were still putting efforts to minimise the damages.

Seher saw a little tears in his eyes and she couldn't resist. They were still in the jeep not too far from the area. She felt it was right to grab his hand and entertwine her fingers within his, for support. He squeezed her hand back as a response and smiled.

"Thank God you're here," he said.


YAMAN really thanked God for this company. He could not imagine any other way to spend the entire evening knowing Mustafa Baba was going through a hard time. He was glad knowing at least the estate was insured and he would be compensated fairly.

But it didn't end there.
The fireman said this was no accident. Somebody messed up to create such fire and Yaman had to find the culprit on his own.

Who would do such a thing?

He was still holding her hand in his and it felt calming. She had already dozed off in the passenger seat, with her head slightly leaning towards his side, looking oh so peacefully.

He would've jumped of joy when he read the text message saying no workshop was available at this hour to cater her car as it meant they could spend more passing hours together. Of course she didn't know it yet and he couldn't find the right words to relay the message.

His jeep stopped just by the gate of his farm house. He could wake her up or let the time stuck so he could enjoy this view a little longer. He chose the latter.

Because everything just felt so right he didn't want to lose it.

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