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Neo : The Dream
Kid Haider
13/11/2022 12:32:26
Kategori: Novel
Genre: Thriller/Aksi
Bab 11

The idea - 1970+

"I have a brilliant idea and I want to share it with them tonight," said Fendi to his friend Adam. The two of them were enjoying breakfast together on the balcony of the house that they rented.

"What is it about? It must be interesting, right?"

"This is not entirely my idea. This is the brainchild of me and Sarah. I want to create something that can be used to replace organs in humans. Especially organs that are damaged. No hope of recovery," explained Fendi enthusiastically.

"That sounds amazing."

"If things work out well, it is able to enhance the natural ability of humans. Look at this, I call it Dunnorage," Fendi took out a small box-shaped device from her orange clutch bag.

"Dunnorage? What is its function?" Adam asked. He took the device from Fendi's hand and examined it with great interest.

"Dunnorage has the same function as a brain. This box-like device serves to store memory and control the body's actions and balance. This is the most complex device and must be used together with Memors."

"And what are Memors?"

"A tool used to suck memory from the brain. If the memory is not inserted into it. Those who use Dunnorage will be like a newborn baby."

Wow! This is amazing! I'm sure they'll love your idea.

Can't wait to show them all this!

"You look so excited Fendi."

"Of course Adam. I've been thinking about it for a long time. Since five years ago."

"You don't have to worry about Fendi. I will always support you."

Thank you Adam. You never let me down. Oh yes! You want to come with me there tonight?

"Alright. Anyway, I really don't have any plans."

"Good. It's good that you come with me tonight. You haven't been there for a long time."

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