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Stupid Dog
11/12/2021 13:33:51
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Genre: Alternatif

I arrived early at the beach house. Thought of going through the back door when the stupid dog saw me.

I rushed to the front door and got in as quickly as possible.
The dog got stuck outside. Barking noisily waking the whole house up. This was exactly what I needed, a siren to announce my arrival at 5 o’clock in the morning.

I was about to jump behind the 3-seater in the living room when Fiona came out of her room. She looked sleepy.

‘Hi. Surprise.’ I said. Grinning like idiot.

‘Is that you? You’re early,' Fiona swept her sexy disheveled brunette hair back. Trying to take a good look at this idiot boy.

‘Nah. It’s not me. You’re sleepwalking. This is just a dream. Go back to sleep now.’

She was not buying. She came closer. The room was quite dark, silhouetted by some faint light from outside. Her hands slowly reaching up outlining my face.

Damn. She was in her lingerie.
Damn. She smells of all things beautiful and nice.


I stared at her body lusciously in the dark. I wanted so much to compliment, yet I would not know what to say. I wanted to put my hands around her slender waist and do her right here right now.

‘Yeah. I really didn’t plan for the grand entrance. It was the dog, Jack - Jack. He made it happen, you know. He deserves all the credits.’

I blabbered my best to be appropriate. My eyes still lingered with inescapable wanting.

Fiona let out a small laughter. She became relaxed.

She wanted to mouth a reply when she caught my gaze. Paused. An intense moment filled this minuscule space between us. Those soft dreamy blue eyes turned darker matching my own. I was wishing for polite words or pathetic excuses to justify my behaviour. But none, not a single vocab made it to the rescue.

I drew closer. I felt strange yet mounted with tension of fear and excitement. She was not sleepy anymore. She was very aware, anticipating my closeness.

I kissed her.
She kissed me back.
I pressed her body tightly against mine; capturing everything she had to offer in that kiss.

I felt a huge desire burgeoning in me. I could feel it engorged in my blood, deep in my veins screaming for release. I clutched her back and lifted her to the kitchen counter. She held me close and whispered.

‘Be quiet. Very quiet.’
She pointed to her room. The door was slightly ajar.

Right. We would not want to wake up anyone, would we? Perhaps we should rush to the bathroom and do it against the wall with shower buzzing us out. A good quickie before her husband wakes up. But I could not begin the effort to think.

She quickly loosened my belt and shoved my shirt away. I tasted and devoured her feverishly as if it was my first ever encounter with a woman. Scorched into wanting the feel of every inch of her skin and tenderness.

It did not matter that she was 10 years older. It did not matter she was married to a close family friend.

All the fancy thoughts I harboured for her since I first laid eyes on her.

All of them filled my senses to the brim.

We fucked. A man and a woman. Reduced to a passage of indescribable earthiness of our existence. The rebellious sensations I saw in her eyes that she tried hard to tame. Against her sensual movements. A blinding contrast to my vigorous rhythm. Together, it created a violent swirl of merciless ecstasy binding us both, unmindful of her husband sleeping in the next room, of her a year and a half old daughter which would probably wake up anytime soon. And of her stupid dog who had brought me to these events.

Climax. She stilled my movements until we both stayed motionless.

She savoured these moments exquisite grace. Enfolded in immense and absolute pleasure. Against everything else that falls apart or might be soon.

At her finest form she has reached into my youth and vitality, and peeled them into layers of newborn memories. To the first day she kissed me when I was a naïve 10 years old. Saying goodbyes as she embarked on her teenage dreams of travelling the world in the name of wildness and stupidity.

My knees were starting to give in. I rested my head on her breast.

‘Stupid boy. You are in a deep shit, now.’ Her sultry voice echoed in my ear.

‘Seems tragic enough.’

I could feel her smiling. But we both knew the damage has been done. Prices that I will have to pay for a simple ejaculatory pleasure.

I gave her a kiss and withdrew. I picked up my clothes and headed for the door. The day was getting brighter, and I yearned for some cold morning breeze. At the door, I stopped and turned to Fiona.

‘I will be at the beach. If you would kindly let him know.’

‘At this hour? It is still cold. Just lie down on the sofa.'

‘And wake up in the pool of blood. Sure, why not?’

‘Nobody has to know.’

I wanted to agree to her statement. Yet, I was aware of the path that it might lead me to. She would understandably learn that it was a very dangerous ground to thread. Too many hearts to break, too many loved ones at stake.

‘At the beach, Fiona.’
I walked out of the house and whipped by a gush of cold wind.

I ran to the beach. I met the stupid dog in the backyard, resting nearby flowerbeds.

He got up, facing me.

‘You. Bad dog.’
‘Very bad dog.’

I continued running to the empty beach. To the welcoming nature of the rising sun. In the void of other living pulsations, I stood in awe watching the majestic open space and its simplicity. The rules were never bend nor broken, mighty in its own purpose. It reminded me of how I have forgotten mine.

The stupid dog followed me to the beach. Adorable as always, he stayed by my side.

Complications of my mistake would find me sooner or later.
In the mean time, I could use a good swim.
Having said that, I wondered how far was the next continent from here.

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