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Kid Haider
28/10/2018 00:35:55
Kategori: Cerpen
Genre: Alternatif

For me, it is a condition where my mind, body and soul become one. It is a moment for me to recuperate.
It is forbearance from the noise and the time when I get to remember who I am.It is a booster to my creativity. It is the time when I know that I have so many tales to tell. Sometimes silence hurt me because it will recall all the bad things that had happened in my life. But when I think about it over and over again, it teaches me about myself and it guides me to the right path.

Silence teaches me what is more important and redundant in life. It tells me about something deeper and more profound in my life. When I’m in a crowded room, I always feel blessed to be there. I feel so honoured to have people that I can share my laugh with. But it is hard for me to cry in front of everybody although everybody is crying.

Silence has taught me that I have control issues which hinder me from doing something. It exposes to me my fears, my fears of flying. People who are afraid to fly apparently have control issues. I do have fears in many areas in my life and I have to alleviate it bit by bit. I’m in a journey to reach the condition where I fell that I have no fear of flying.

Silence is a tantalizing point for me to decide either I’m willing to sacrifice my comfort zone or not. It is the time when I am exploring my own self because when I’m standing in a middle of the society, I don’t know who I’m supposed to be. Should I follow what the society has ruled? Or should I challenge the social convention? I cannot decide it. I need silence. I need to be alone.Please…………

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