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The Well Of Kanu
Katija A Ghani Ismail
12/9/2019 02:27:04
Kategori: Puisi
Genre: Cinta

I fear myheart, Awakened by sorrow,

Of suchknowledge, A little narrow

This heartdeepens, Now a little mellow

Realitybreaks Even, Now not a spring of meadow

Darkenedsurrounds, Not a tad of shades

Of light toglorified, Ones shining pride

I fear Ihave, Over sung the tunes of plight

My keysdisturbed too much, oh sad I heard them cried

All love,in Kind are all now forgone

Desire standstill, Motionless at ease

Too closeto breathe,

In space intime, as Singularity

Saddens Inow am, for those breath, I thought were mine

The shadowthat glitters my skin

In perfect harmonyso fine

Send lightsin quantum, Far across the galaxy

The raysshine forth across his dome

For all hisfame and glory

Now nowbehave and understand his being

He deservesfar better than the likes of me

Too far yetclose this truth to fate,

For a storylike this to end with an E

In time heknew his Eve awaits,

that’s howhis fate will be

My my nownow

abeg mylove please jhor

Fill notthis bag With an ounce of pity

Go liveyour life be free

And get allthe fame and love and glory

Then oncein awhile came a gentle breeze

So calm andgentle feeling your face

Know itsjust a naked shadow of me  

Yearningsecretly for the one who completes me


Katija AGhani Ismail

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