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The Traitor
Syama'il Ahmad
25/12/2017 12:00:41
Kategori: Cerpen
Genre: Thriller/Aksi

He quickly ran and went to the forest, strive to avoid self him from being caught by the enemy. "He's here, hurry up!". Panglima  Indera Muktabar ordered his troops continue to pursue mirfani. The baju layang that mirfani wear wet hit hard, smelling blood and mud. However, he still be strong to endure afflictions himself. Realized now he has only two options either continued to run, hiding or surrender to the enemy and willing his head decapitated.


A few month ago...

"we can't let the Mesotoromia Empire destroyed by the tribes of the traitor!, with all the strength we have, we need to against them for the sake of the sovereignty of the Empire and struggle to protect and defend them. Because he is a descendant blood of the Majesty Da'im arjuna sakti who the lagendary of great Warrior and  dominate mahkotakayangan key  treasures. From now, for the sake of the glory of the young majesty Da'im Mirfani Sang Nila Utama,  he is the new great Warrior's legacy for this empire!".

Could be heard screaming and applause by loyalists outside the Palace the majesty and they assemble shows loyalty and respect to him. From his eyes, mirfani proud to see many of his loyalist. With age seventeen years he already became the youngest warrior who ruled the Empire Mesotoromia.

However, there is a sad story behind the grandeur of his descendants. the tragedy of the assassination of his family during the civil war ago causing he back to palace and had to leave bitter and sweet memories as studied makhrifat at wilayah hutan hujan samudera. 

"Our young majesty, give me order for us to kill them. Parang lading that I hold ready hurt their heads!."  Said his loyalist with lifting his weapons.  

"my loyal followers, I want you all to calm down. Please be patient and wait for news from panglima datuk paduka tuan. After that we will be planning the next strategy". said the young warrior.

From afar it looks a man on horseback and troop dressed coming towards them. his face looked somber and then he jumped from Riding rides and kneeling in front of the young majesty.

"Our young majesty, I brought bad news. Tribe traitor maritim has been working with the Government agraria and they had planned to kill and seize more this empire colony.

The number of troops they are now growing and success of their charming tanjung pengharapan port and kota bengkalis. The sapta dharmaputra as my elite team was not able to withstand their attacks and we had to retreat to Pancasila Headquarters. And difficult for me to convey an new information where they're  planning to capture wilayah Hutan hujan samudera!"

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